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Maybe it really is time to kick out the incumbents

When things don’t go well for some time, it is apparently reasonable to suggest that we need to kick out the incumbents, and I think it might be time to kick out the incumbents in religion. Christianity has been around for a long time and controlled kings and empires, and “peace on earth good will […]

Blood for oil

From Australia on July 5th, 2007, in a story titled “Iraq deployment linked to oil: Nelson” Australian Defence Minister Brendan Nelson said that “securing the world’s oil supply” is one of his government’s “considerations as it decides how long to keep troops in Iraq.” The story continues: Speaking ahead of the release, Dr Nelson confirmed […]

Kerry promises to vote “No”

The new legislation is more of the same, and I campaigned for Democrats in the last election so we could have something different. Kerry is asking you to read more than 25 words, (all related to the same topic!) but he is right as usual. And I am tired of the slogan culture myself. If […]