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Koch Brothers rule GOP

I don’t intend to pick on Congressman Griffith, I am just scouting around to see what the “message” is that he needs to send by voting against his own judgment and the interests of the nation. It seems that his messages are, like those of many of his fellows, thank-you notes. The Los Angeles Times, […]

John Kerry on gridlock

On issue after issue, enduring consensus has been frayed or shredded by lust for power cloaked in partisan games. Health care’s individual mandate? Guess what — it started as a Republican idea– a pro-business idea– because rising insurance costs leave big holes in profits. Cap and trade? Guess again — another Republican idea based on […]

Moving forward

I campaigned for Congressman Boucher, so people ask me how we lost a long-standing congressman who was and still is beloved in this region. Democrats and Republicans alike trusted Congressman Boucher to find resources and make good decisions, to do the impossible things we needed done. Congressman Boucher has held the Ninth for so long […]