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SunWorship498.jpg Originally uploaded by Thirdlayer I need to work on my collection of church signs. I saw two yesterday that need to be added. I know that probably this one really means to say “Sunday Worship,” but you really never know….

Backyard Visitor

Bunny4.jpg Originally uploaded by Thirdlayer Easter isn’t until next month, but this white bunny has been hanging out in our back yard for a week or so. He/she is timid, but not wild, and apperas not to mind photographers or the neighborhood children stopping to watch.

The African Mask has another sprout

DSCN0745.JPG Originally uploaded by Thirdlayer I decided to try keeping soil around the Alocacia x Amazonica a little wetter to see if it would send up a shoot, and it took less than two weeks for one to emerge.