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Glancing over the archives

Glancing back over the archives at Life in the Third Layer, I can see that I have been blogging — more or less — since 2003! That long ago I was already thinking about the possibility of retirement and having more time for reading, writing, and pursuing my own interests. A full-time job, let’s face […]

Pet rocks, etc.

Thudfactor is posting about pet rocks, and I have to agree with him that the Mike Huckabee Guitar Hero thread is dumber. After all, I have a couple of pet rocks. I did not get rocks with papers of authenticity. I just picked up one or two that were hanging around, the same way I […]

More cuteness, no blogging

CoryJPG Originally uploaded by Thirdlayer You aren’t supposed to blog when you have a new grandson. You are supposed to show off pictures!