Archive for May, 2003

The big picture

Okay, so I forgot to leave a “comments” option on my previous entry. I am still figuring it out here! Here is the rest of the picture from yesterday, scrunched up into a small file so it can become a Jigzone puzzle, of course. If you like the puzzles, Jigzone lets you have an account […]

Playing With My New Camera

I am playing around here with my new camera and my old gallery. The camera is a Nikon 3100, and Jigzone .jpg’s have to be pretty small, so I cropped a piece of a photograph for this puzzle.

Moving Web Pages Around

Once or twice a year someone sends me e-mail from one of my web pages, so I think people still manage to find them, even though they are pretty well hidden. The ones that I hear from most often are One-Room and Small Schools web page and the Literature and Meaning web page, where I […]