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Defending what?

Elizabeth Dole wants to “defend” marriage between a man and a woman. Who is attacking that? “Marriage between a man and a woman isn’t something Republicans invented, but it is something Republicans will defend,” she said. “We believe in a culture that respects all life … the frail elderly, the infirm and those not yet […]

Wal-Mart Culture

Reason of the Day to Vote for John Kerry and John Edwards I have been reading the 25-or-so page Congressional Report on Wal-Mart?s Labor Record by Rep. George Miller, February 16, 2004: In January 2004, the New York Times reported on an internal Wal-Mart audit which found ?extensive violations of child-labor laws and state regulations […]

First Grade

Anybody who has been in first grade knows that first the bully hits you, then he yells to get everybody’s attention so you can’t hit him back: This is the second time in recent days that an individual associated with the Bush re-election effort has acknowledged working with Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.