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The mystery of it all

We all know the content of the memos is true. The Bush White House declines to comment. Some of us hope the documents will be proven authentic, and some of us are praying that they will not. All of us know the content is accurate. I notice that nobody is questioning that. Reason of the […]

Republicans Leave No Child Behind Again

That’s right. No children left in school. No schools, actually. All the children were dumped. Charter schools close in California, story from New York Times: The businessman who used $100 million in state financing to build an empire of 60 mostly storefront schools had simply abandoned his headquarters as bankruptcy loomed, refusing to take phone […]

Twilight Zone Re-run

The recent Cheney remark that if we vote for Kerry we will be attacked by terrorists was a slip of the tongue that revealed the method behind the madness. It is the Bush plan to keep Americans scared to death so they will vote for him even though we all know that he is a […]