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Mom’s Book

Last summer my mother and I worked on a collection of her writings, which include short stories, song lyrics, poems, and inspirational Bible Study pieces. She has written these over many years, for her church activities and other purposes. The book also contains her sketches of us (her children) as young children and of herself […]

Don’t Like Spam

I like my blog, and it is great when friends (even those who do not agree) post comments. However, advertising spam is a pain. You have to be a real pest to do this kind of vandalism. I am going to keep the only last two entries open to comments. If you want to comment […]

No Crisis

no_crisis Originally uploaded by Sarah Williams. About the Crisis in Social Security: No “WMD,” or “shortage in flu vaccine,” or “terrorist attack on election day” either. Social Security has financed itself and several other projects. If Social Security funds had not been used for other projects, the Baby Boomers would have paid for themselves — […]