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Abu Ghraib fraternity hazing

I will leave that comment by JustaDog on my July 25 post, since it is a real comment by a person who read my blog. What I can’t get over is how many Christians I meet who are willing to justify our illegal and inhuman treatment of prisoners by citing their atrocities. Of course I […]

So you’re talking about virtues

So there on the Daily Show was Rick Santorum with his new book, It Takes a Family talking about virtues. It is a little-known fact that the word “virtues” has specific meaning beyond “what Rick Santorum thinks we all would naturally have if we all had been raised by a mother and a father married […]

Abu Ghraib again

From Editor & Publisher, a journal covering newspapers: Government Halts Release of More Photos and Videos of Abu Ghraib on July 25, 2005: At the eleventh hour, lawyers for the Pentagon refused to cooperate with a federal judge’s order to release dozens of unseen photographs and videos from Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. Instead, the […]