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July Elbertas

Peaches1 Originally uploaded by Sarah Williams. Well, the peaches are getting ripe and summer is coming to a close. We have had enough water and enough heat this summer, as the peach tree proves. My work is August through May with June and July off. Maybe when I get back in the swing of work, […]

British Train Bombing

Democracy Now posted an article (London Subway and Bus Explosions Kill 37, Injure 700, dated Thursday, July 7th, 2005) including interviews with some of the passengers from the London trains that were bombed. One passenger, Angelo Power, said: ANGELO POWER: The others I saw, physical injuries, some had marks to the face. The carriage windows […]


Grapes38 Originally uploaded by Sarah Williams. Watching the grapevine this year is more interesting than politics. Things keep moving along there, and it is beginning to look like there will be a return on investment. Politics is getting really frustrating. It seems that by now voters would have hit upon the idea that if we […]