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Bush Vision Overload

Alright, now, I work for a living and have a household to manage. In addition, this month we have had medical concerns and I have been called for jury duty. Then there?s Katrina and Rita. And in the background I keep hearing more and more about suicide bombings. Several times a day there is an […]

The “Duh” Factor

In case anybody is amazed that we didn’t get a good response to Katrina from the federal government, that the recovery money is going to the same large corporations that are absorbing the Iraq appropriations, and that Bush intends to suspend environmental regulations and exempt from inheritance taxes the estate of anyone who died in […]

Historical Note

flowers Originally uploaded by Thirdlayer. I was in South Carolina recently for the funeral of Carl’s uncle, Herschel Glenwood (“Glen”) Williams. When I was working on my M.Ed., I collected interviews from people who attended or taught in one-room or small schools in southwest Virginia, and Glen gave me one of the best descriptions of […]