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forsythia1 Originally uploaded by Thirdlayer. Well, almost. The forsythia hedge blooms early, and usually I can get a couple of photos with snow on the blossoms, so we can have some cold weather yet. I cut the forsythia to the ground every second year so that it grows long wands and does not get too […]

International Women’s Day

In 1987 when Congress passed the National Women’s History Month Resolution naming March as Women’s History Month, I was working in a resource center for women, and part of my work was keeping up with women’s issues. That center closed in summer of 1992 due to lack of funding, and I moved on to other […]

Telling us what we already knew

A story in Education Guardian Weekly on February 28 titled It’s official: class matters tells about a study that measured academic success of students based upon the socio-economic status of their parents: This unprecedented project has revealed that a child’s social background is the crucial factor in academic performance, and that a school’s success is […]