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Mildred swinging Originally uploaded by Thirdlayer. Millie came to our house in July about 20 years ago, and she passed away today. She took any opportunity to get someone to swing her in a basket and always made sure the bathtub faucet was dripping. If it wasn’t, we had to fix it. We will miss […]

Church and State

By way of Thudfactor in a piece titled “Our own party”, The Wild Hunt’s “Pagan Square Pegs, Religious Liberal Round Holes” came to my attention. At least one modern pagan is upset at not being given proper recognition by numbers gatherers and being “lumped together” with other small but identifiable religious demographic groups: So Pagans […]

Fake News

If you think you have been watching the fake news on The Daily Show, read this report: Fake TV News: Widespread and Undisclosed by Diane Farsetta and Daniel Price, Center for Media and Democracy. In this report they offer videos of 36 “video news releases,” the term for advertising that is conveyed to the consumer […]