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Dragon Lily

DSCN4462 Originally uploaded by Thirdlayer. DSCN4472 Originally uploaded by Thirdlayer. Thanks to Hayes Lavis for naming the flowers! The bright orange lily is an amaryllis. In my experience it is easier to grow and propagate than other amaryllis, and the blossom stalk is very tall compared to other varieties I have. This plant just continuously […]

Okay, what’s this one?

DSCN4468 Originally uploaded by Thirdlayer. My neighbor invited me to see and smell this lovely blossom and perhaps tell her what it might be. It is not a plant that I know. And by it’s smell, I imagine that it is relatively unknown around where people actually live.

Identify this flower…

DSCN4347 Originally uploaded by Thirdlayer. A friend gave me these bulbs in 1990. They produced a small bright green leaf but no blossom until about the fourth year. New bulbs develop continuously, and I have given away many of them. I have yet to discover a name for them!