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Say What?

I am sure that it would be interesting to know exactly when churches stopped putting their meeting times and some words of welcome on their signboards and started making up puns and enigmatic messages. It would also be interesting to know why they switched over. I travel a particular area of Interstate 81 frequently, and […]

A New Leaf

101_0123 Originally uploaded by Thirdlayer. My Alocasia x Amazonica (Thanks to Dr. George Treadwell at Emory & Henry College for the name) is unfurling a new leaf!

Peaches getting ripe!

101_0114 Originally uploaded by Thirdlayer. The peaches are smaller this summer, but they are getting ripe. The mockingbirds that hatched in the holly tree nearby are sure that they own this tree also, so I will have to fight for some of the peaches.