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Calling for

100_0436 Originally uploaded by Thirdlayer. Here we are after the calls have been made! Click on the photo to see a few more in the album.

Improving my Prayer Time?

I don’t click on spam links. Really. I guess the spammers have to send the messages, but I don’t have to respond. I always read the from and subject lines with my fingers on Ctrl-D, and I can see the come-ons going by in the preview window. When the spam is all gone — usually […]

Kitty for adoption

cat_1 Originally uploaded by Thirdlayer. Those of you who know Dixie know that this is a special kitten! Dixie said that she purred even through the bath. She is black with big gold eyes and huge tufted ears. Click on the photo to see this photo larger and another photograph. Send me e-mail (Sarah at […]