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Time to make a choice

This past year has brought two useful suggestions for preventing the spread of colds. One suggestion is that when you sneeze, do not cover your sneeze with your hand. Rather, sneeze into your elbow. This will prevent your getting cold germs on your hands and transferring them to objects that other people handle, like papers, […]


In a free market economy, if you can’t afford it you can’t have it. Oh, if you are on the margin, you can easily find a predatory lender who will give you an opportunity to mortgage yourself six feet under, but that won’t mean you have anything. That means you will never have anything. The […]

Don’t look now

The Bush administration still has a few months to make headway in the neocon agenda, and under cover of the Iraq war the cultural initiative to return American women to the dark ages is scoring clear victories. Two came out in the past week, both attacks on women’s equality and women’s health. The first is […]