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Kerry promises to vote “No”

The new legislation is more of the same, and I campaigned for Democrats in the last election so we could have something different. Kerry is asking you to read more than 25 words, (all related to the same topic!) but he is right as usual. And I am tired of the slogan culture myself. If […]

Bible class lawsuit

In an article titled Advocacy groups sue to halt Bible classes in Texas schools, posted May 16 2007 by Education, from Associated Press in Dallas tells about eight parents in west Texas who are suing a school district over a Bible course. They say it violates their religious liberty, and they have sued to have […]

Jerry Falwell’s Passing Over

In other terms than global warming, the world probably got just a little warmer with the passing of Jerry Falwell. He grew hate in his backyard and spread it around by the truck load — and with his masterful use of the media and political influence, he made a hate-filled version of Christianity the norm […]