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Retirement posted “Disclosing 401(k) Fees“: Workers deserve to retire with the dignity and comfort that they have earned, but as the Associated Press reports, incomplete information about hidden fees can drain thousands of dollars from 401(k) plans. I have been looking around for some information on how these work and how people are using them. […]

Molasses to Rum to Slaves Redux

From the LA Times: U.S. bending rules on Colombia terror? By Josh Meyer, Times Staff Writer, July 22, 2007 Several lawmakers say multinationals that aid violent groups in return for protection are not being prosecuted. The Bush administration has declared that a hallmark of its counter-terrorism policy is to go after the financiers of terrorism […]


Go to revolutionhealth to read what others are saying about Sicko, to rate the comments, and to add your own comments! Be careful with the ratings and look at the numbers that appear above your cursor. Each block in the rating scale is a couple of numbers, and you can rate a number lower or […]