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It Came From Airport Security

An Update Originally uploaded by Doctor_Hu The anthology is now available! You can read the press release here or purchase the book here! We all enjoyed the editing, and our thanks to all of the writers who contributed! Glen designed the cover and set the final copy, and we are delighted with the outcome of […]

My First Riot Gear

I first heard about the bulletproof backpacks on CNN. Then I found that it was apparently true when this story from the Boston Herald popped up in response to my search for more information: Dads Mike Pelonzi, 43, and Joe Curran, 42, dreamed up the bullet-proof backpack, which also blunts knife attacks, to protect their […]

Anybody not yet insulted?

Here is Ann Coulter in her persona as Legal Affairs Correspondent for Human Events talking about the YouTube Democratic debate: CNN commentators keep telling us how young and hip the audience was for last week’s YouTube Democratic debate, apparently unaware that the camera occasionally panned across the audience, which was the same oddball collection of […]