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Nader’s Motivation

I understand that if you campaign for President and do not win, you don’t take on any responsibilities, so after his campaign Ralph Nader can go back to his regular routine of doing nothing. Meanwhile, he will make a few speeches (no monumental task) and tour around the country a little bit, maybe see the […]

Watching the moon!

DSCN0309.JPG Originally uploaded by Thirdlayer Fortunate breaks in the clouds let us watch most of the action around 9:45 to about 10:15. This photograph was taken at 10:08.

February 20th

night_sky.jpg Originally uploaded by Thirdlayer The last chance to see a total lunar eclipse until 2015 — and the sky here has over 90 percent cloud-cover. Here you can see the moon’s light through a small rift in the clouds, but not much chance of seeing the show.