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Now I know

I am a step closer to perfection because of a newsletter that came to my hand from the Human Resources Office. This is the office that used to be called ?Personnel.? On the front page, half of the space was given to how to manage student employees. Maybe somebody already knows how I feel about […]

Reading the whole story

Thudfactor is talking about the people who switched to Clinton from Obama in the latest primaries because of a question about Obama’s position on NAFTA. The NAFTA question is a slim reason to switch, particularly since it isn’t about NAFTA at all but about Obama’s integrity. Certainly this is a serious question if the worst […]

The economic dust

So it looks like there is a three to the one-two punch of the sub-prime lending — There is a common scam operation behind the reverse mortgage lending as well. The New York Times in a story “Tapping Into Homes Can Be Pitfall for the Elderly” by Charles Duhigg today looked into this “golden opportunity,” […]