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Not losing my short-term memory

So I got e-mail today asking me to donate to AARP. It was a personal e-mail from Bill Novelli, the CEO. It said: (No link. It’s my e-mail. But trust me, I think he sent it to more than one person…) We want to break through partisan gridlock to create real and meaningful change. Because […]

News Reporting

In an entry titled “Ponzi Democracy,” Rory O’Connor, writing on his blog Media is a Plural, gives a brief history of the original Ponzi Scheme and asks ” Is it possible, I wonder, that there may be a connection between the deregulation of the media and the fact that the same media never warned us […]

The African Mask has another sprout

DSCN0745.JPG Originally uploaded by Thirdlayer I decided to try keeping soil around the Alocacia x Amazonica a little wetter to see if it would send up a shoot, and it took less than two weeks for one to emerge.