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It’s which promises you keep

From Greg on the Virginia Democrats website: McDonnell had stated at least five times that he would not reject any stimulus money, including saying in February that “we ought to take it to the maximum degree as possible.” [Washington Post, 2/27/09] On February 27, 55 local elected officials from across Virginia signed a letter to […]

Making Virginia A Better Place

When you reject worker training and workforce stability for political nonsense, what do you have to be thinking? Maybe the Obstructionists believe the working poor are part of the local color of the South, able to survive on beans and cornbread, uneducated but wise in the way of the world, happy in a rural innocent […]

The Lord’s Work

Thanks to Not Larry Sabato for the link to the video of Mike Huckabee encouraging voter suppression at a Bob McDonnell rally: Now, I suppose that since there was laughter we are supposed to think that the comments were intended to be a joke. But I grew up in a church where pastors and evangelists […]