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Business and the Public Option

Opposition to the public option in health care is an economic mistake. Private insurance costs too much, limits and denies services, and insures only healthy people. Employers and employees carry an intolerable cost with no limits, growing at twice or three times the rate of the economy. Half of all bankruptcies are because of medical […]

Promoting the public option

To all people 18-65 whose health insurance is too expensive and/or inadequate: The government already is the largest single payer of health insurance?just in the worst possible way. Taxpayers pay for all high-risk people through Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP. In the low-risk group (age18-65), government employees have government-subsidized policies. Military personnel have government health care. […]

Not the Lord’s Prayer

I know freedom of speech is a real democratic value, but this? I am impressed by how much hatred can reside in a head that looks like a plastic baby doll.