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Why I am voting for Rick Boucher in November

Anyone familiar with the posts on this web site knows that I am not in agreement with Congressman Rick Boucher on some issues. I am, however, supporting him with my vote in November. Here are the reasons why: He has always kept his local office open for his constituents, and over the years he has […]

Sarah Palin doesn’t speak for me

This is a really cute video. I have to state that the title is somewhat unclear in this context, since I am Sarah. What it actually means is that Sarah Palin doesn’t speak for me.

What bears repeating

If there were critical fact-based comment, people would notice that under the “small government” conservatives, government grew by leaps and bounds. Also, they would see that the surplus that “tax-and-spend” liberals handed to cost-conscious conservatives was rendered — by conservatives — into a staggering deficit. “How American Democracy Isn’t Working,” from way back on March […]