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Moving forward

I campaigned for Congressman Boucher, so people ask me how we lost a long-standing congressman who was and still is beloved in this region. Democrats and Republicans alike trusted Congressman Boucher to find resources and make good decisions, to do the impossible things we needed done. Congressman Boucher has held the Ninth for so long […]

Breakfast, and a new Facebook page!

The Bristol Virginia Democratic Committee monthly breakfast is this Saturday, November 20, at Golden Corral at Exit 7 at 9:00 a.m. Please tell the cashier you are with the Democrats to receive the discounted price. Hope to see you there! Also check in to our new page on Facebook, “like” us, share your comments, and […]

About that U.S. – Mexico fence

Defending the Berlin Wall: “The wall is the state frontier of the German Democratic Republic. The state frontier of a sovereign state must be respected. That is so the world over. He who does not treat it with respect can not complain if he comes to harm. (From a 1962 East German (GDR) brochure, “What You Should Know About the Wall” written in English for foreign distribution)