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Who would pay us?

A Facebook friend recently asked, “If everyone worked for the government (as some people are suggesting) then who would pay our salaries?” I have not heard this suggestion, but it is interesting. If indeed we all worked for our government, the government would pay our salaries. Since we have a democracy, a “government of the […]

Congresswoman Nan Hayworth constituent needs ACA

This letter to Representative Nan Hayworth was posted yesterday to a comment stream on Facebook. The writer, Pauline Schneider of Katonah, NY, has generously given permission to include her letter here to share with our readers: Dear Congresswoman Nan Hayworth, I was disheartened to hear how the GOP stood together today, lockstep against my family […]

Morgan Griffith defends his vote to repeal HCR

Morgan Griffith’s brief defense statement is available on his Congressional web page — link to the right under “Quick Links”: Your personal health care decisions should be made by you and your doctor, and no one else. Our health care system needs reform, but ObamaCare is not the answer. ObamaCare will ultimately destroy valuable jobs. […]