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Koch Brothers rule GOP

I don’t intend to pick on Congressman Griffith, I am just scouting around to see what the “message” is that he needs to send by voting against his own judgment and the interests of the nation. It seems that his messages are, like those of many of his fellows, thank-you notes. The Los Angeles Times, […]

Congressman Griffith’s message to voters

A duly elected representative in a democracy should vote for what he or she thinks is best. Voters have the opportunity to hear what the candidate believes, and if the candidate is straightforward, which is only fair, voters need to trust the representative they have elected. Throughout the process, there should be open lines of […]

Update from Senator Webb: The unfair burdens of business

In the United States, businesses labor under two unfair burdens — one addressed below by Senator Webb, and another which needs to be addressed as we progress with implementing the Affordable Care Act. This note received from Senator Webb describes legislation that would eliminate the requirement that businesses report on a 1099 money paid to […]