From Editor & Publisher, a journal covering newspapers:
Government Halts Release of More Photos and Videos of Abu Ghraib
on July 25, 2005:

At the eleventh hour, lawyers for the Pentagon refused to cooperate with a federal judge’s order to release dozens of unseen photographs and videos from Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

Instead, the lawyers said they would file a brief explaining why they would not turn over the photos as ordered in a Freedom of Information lawsuit brought by the ACLU.
Since the papers were sealed, Sean Lane, the government’s lawyer, said he could not discuss the contents. He did explain “that releasing pictures would violate Geneva Convention rules on prisoner treatment by subjecting detainees to additional humiliation or embarrassment.”
So the Pentagon, which has been okay so far with the administration’s claim that the Geneva Convention did not apply, is now using the Geneva Convention to counter a lawsuit under Freedom of Information by the ACLU.
I never bet the farm or my lunch money, but I’ll bet (one of those free bets where only my credibility will be at risk) that some of those photos, or all of them together, would further strain the administration’s stance that the abuse at Abu Ghraib was the work of “a few bad apples.”