Elizabeth Dole wants to “defend” marriage between a man and a woman. Who is attacking that?

“Marriage between a man and a woman isn’t something Republicans invented, but it is something Republicans will defend,” she said. “We believe in a culture that respects all life … the frail elderly, the infirm and those not yet born. Protecting life isn’t something Republicans invented. But it is something Republicans will defend.”

She reads different newspapers than those that come my way, otherwise she would know that you would protect more frail elderly, infirm, and unborn people by expanding access to medical care than you would by overturning Roe v. Wade. And the Republican who is running for President in 2004 does not respect all life. His record on the death penalty proves that.
People who reduce the primary values of human life to buzzwords for political reasons damage the concepts of marriage and family. They seduce voters into thinking that they are voting for family values when in reality a vote for George W. Bush is a vote for a President who has taken jobs and medical insurance away from thousands of families. His bunch will continue to push more families and children into poverty if we are fools enough to let them have another four years to work their magic.