Welcome to Life in the Third Layer. My name is Sarah Williams, and I live in Virginia where everyone thinks we grow only coal. Actually, coal is second to agriculture in Virginia, but energy is the “hot” 🙂 topic, so coal gets the attention.

I am interested in politics, and I will try to persuade you to become political if you stick around. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance, someone said. So if you don’t know what your congressional representative wants to do with your tax dollars, you should maybe find out. For that matter, find out what your mayor is doing, and your local school board, and get involved at a local level.

I have a few posts about religion, and I hope that I do not insult anyone in that regard without insulting everyone equally. If you feel insulted, you can leave me a comment. You can leave me a comment even if you are not insulted.

I hang around with the Bristol Virginia Democrats and The Bristol Storytellers, aka Beaver Creek Storytellers.

I like my family, my friends, my house, my Macintosh, my iPhone, my garden, being retired, my books, and of course candy. I like a lot of other things also, like my car, my washer and dryer, — well, you get the point.

Stick around and read the posts and leave a comment or two if you feel like it. It is nice to get a real comment once in a while to break up the spam.