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Choices in an election year

Vote your faith, not your fear.

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Vote for John Kerry and John Edwards

Dare to know the rest of the story

I know nobody reads, but make an exception this time. Read the whole article in The New York Times, and then you will know the real story about George W. Bush and the National Guard, the story that you knew we would never know, the records being lost and destroyed and all that. Portrait of George Bush in ’72: Unanchored in Turbulent Time , Published September 20, 2004:

MONTGOMERY, Ala., Sept. 17 – Nineteen seventy-two was the year George W. Bush dropped off the radar screen.

He abandoned his once-prized status as a National Guard pilot by failing to appear for a required physical.

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Vote for John Kerry and John Edwards

Last day of summer

Photo by Glen Williams
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Vote for John Kerry and John Edwards

The mystery of it all

We all know the content of the memos is true. The Bush White House declines to comment. Some of us hope the documents will be proven authentic, and some of us are praying that they will not. All of us know the content is accurate. I notice that nobody is questioning that.
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Vote for John Kerry and John Edwards

Republicans Leave No Child Behind Again

That’s right. No children left in school. No schools, actually. All the children were dumped.
Charter schools close in California, story from New York Times:

The businessman who used $100 million in state financing to build an empire of 60 mostly storefront schools had simply abandoned his headquarters as bankruptcy loomed, refusing to take phone calls. That left Mr. Larson, a school superintendent whose district licensed dozens of the schools, to clean up the mess.

Way to go, George W and Smiling Jack. We see now that private enterprise is the key.
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Vote for John Kerry and John Edwards

Twilight Zone Re-run

The recent Cheney remark that if we vote for Kerry we will be attacked by terrorists was a slip of the tongue that revealed the method behind the madness. It is the Bush plan to keep Americans scared to death so they will vote for him even though we all know that he is a bully whose wrong choices have cost each of us dearly and that he has lied to us in the past and continues to lie to us.
This entry was first published on July 31, 2004. Some things are true enough to say twice.

I am tired of hearing George W. Bush talk about the threat of terrorism. Wouldn’t you think he would want us to feel safe under his leadership? And, since he has misrepresented so much, wouldn’t he even nudge the information to make us feel good about him? Why would he want to keep us afraid?
Someone else has been asking that question,
and you can read the report here.
Apparently, keeping us terrified is good for Bush. According to this report and the CNN story about it, people who are thinking about either 9/11 or their own death say they would vote for Bush, and people thinking about common situations like college exams or watching television say they would vote for Kerry.
The CNN story quotes Sheldon Solomon, a social psychologist at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York who specializes in terrorism: “There are people all over who are claiming every time Bush is in trouble he generates fear by declaring an imminent threat.”
Does the threat work?
According to the CNN report, the study showed that it did:

The volunteers were aged from 18 into their 50s and described themselves as ranging from liberal to deeply conservative. No matter what a person’s political conviction, thinking about death made them tend to favor Bush, Solomon said. Otherwise, they preferred Kerry.
“I think this should concern anybody,” Solomon said. “If I was speaking lightly, I would say that people in their, quote, right minds, unquote, don’t care much for President Bush and his policies in Iraq.”
He wants voters to be aware of psychological pressures and how they are used.

The Vietnam War record

Now that his campaign has done the damage to Kerry, here’s why George W. Bush wants us to forget about what happened during the Vietnam War and talk about more current issues:


As I said before (8/24/04), first the bully hits you, then he yells so the teacher looks and you can’t hit him back. The difference is that while you did nothing wrong, the bully deserves to be hit. You are in pain, and the bully can gloat because he both injured you and made you look like a troublemaker at no cost to his reputation.
Kerry earned his purple hearts. The Bush family leveraged George W.’s honorable discharge, and they have spent thirty years lying about and covering up the record.