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What am I doin here?

Trying to keep up

I have returned to work after June and July off, and I am discovering that work really takes up your day.
I have some new pictures of the golden garden spider that has taken up residence in the shrubs in my front yard, and I will post a couple of good ones in the next day or so, I hope.
Also, I am trying to keep up my “Reason of the Day” for voting for John Kerry (link on this page).
I have been searching for a graphic to lend some design to my blog, and I believe that I now have one that will work, so I will be losing a couple of hours sleep working on that this weekend.
So much to blog, so little time.

Moving On Up

I will tell you what is wrong with pornography on the Internet. I just had to spend an hour cleaning up comments posted on my blog like “I love your site!” and “Thanks for creating this wonderful site!” with links to tripple-x locations. Apparently the people putting pornography on the net are not nice people.
Who would have thought.
Anyway, I guess now that I have been spammed I am officially a bolgger.