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Twilight Zone Politics

I am tired of hearing George W. Bush talk about the threat of terrorism. Wouldn’t you think he would want us to feel safe under his leadership? And, since he has misrepresented so much, wouldn’t he even nudge the information to make us feel good about him? Why would he want to keep us afraid? […]

Watching the Democratic Convention

Watching the Democratic Convention (which I watched on CSPAN, not one of the entertainment news networks) I saw a lot of people who both understand and mean what they say about patriotism and citizenship. We can use a little of that in Washington. The vote this November will be about human dignity, inclusion, and civil […]

Was it backwards week and nobody told me?

So William Timmins at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas threw out his singer and kept the “few audience members” who were tearing up the place. Aren’t you supposed to throw out the people who are tearing up the place? And today my newspaper spends twelve column inches on a story from Washington complaining that […]