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Reading is in trouble?

I followed a link in the ASCD SmartBrief on-line newsletter to * The demise of reading: hype or cultural crisis?” and read the article, “The Loss of Literature,” by Lawrence Hardy. He was bowing the old saw about e-texts and visual media replacing the reading of books, especially literary books. There was a link for […]

Pain may be good for you

We may be on our way to a kinder gentler era when the smoke (no pun intended) clears and the only actual no-harmful-side-efects pain releiver we have is marijuana. After all, those heart-stopping drugs treated the pain and left you with the stress that causes or contributes to most disorders that kill people. You could […]

Just looking out the window

Frost_660 Originally uploaded by Sarah Williams. It is a little cold here this morning! A few of our windows have frost paintings.