Pain may be good for you

We may be on our way to a kinder gentler era when the smoke (no pun intended) clears and the only actual no-harmful-side-efects pain releiver we have is marijuana. After all, those heart-stopping drugs treated the pain and left you with the stress that causes or contributes to most disorders that kill people. You could cut the ache in your shoulder and still make your quota on the assembly line or the performance chart, damp the pain that is a caution sign and crank out the work until your heart stopped.
Who knows what may follow when the reality-based universe kicks in and tells us that pain means you should do your stretches, eat smaller portions of better food, smile once a day, and chill out a little? And who knows what may follow when the “drug” it takes to help you get started will grow in vacant lots unless you spray it with weedkiller and can be baked in brownies?
Look twice, we might not even need Ritalin.

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