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Of course I am

A comment posted to my blog today by an association of real estate salespeople in a large Florida city (and promptly deleted by me) said simply “You are absolutely right.” Makes you appreciate good old honest straightforward commercial spam.

Roadrunner in Oklahoma

Roadrunner1 Originally uploaded by Sarah Williams. We spent the last week in Norman, Oklahoma. Carl had classes, but I was free to loaf around all day. On Wednesday the sky cleared after three days of rain, and a security officer of the hotel (Thanks, James!) took me up to the roof of the 6-story hotel […]

Closer to home politics

I live in a relatively quiet neighborhood close to downtown in a sleepy little city whose City Manager has the stated goal of making the city a retirement community. Not a lot goes on most days. My front yard is on one of those tree-lined streets, and my backyard is on an alley that gives […]