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I take a lot of photographs, and sometimes get a good one.

Robin’s Nest


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This is our robin! Really she is not ours, but she is close to the house. This photo was taken from a window. She doesn’t mind my going out into the back yard, and in fact in the last couple of hot dry days has actually watched me set up the garden hose with a small trickle of water for the birds to play in.

Springtime 2010


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Everything is blooming in my yard now, including this unknown flower that actually blooms all of the time here, even in January. This photo is part of a set on Flickr where you can see my Spring 2010 photos.

Smoke Break


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New photos on Flickr of the front steps being repaired!



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I need to work on my collection of church signs. I saw two yesterday that need to be added. I know that probably this one really means to say “Sunday Worship,” but you really never know….

Backyard Visitor


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Easter isn’t until next month, but this white bunny has been hanging out in our back yard for a week or so. He/she is timid, but not wild, and apperas not to mind photographers or the neighborhood children stopping to watch.

The African Mask has another sprout


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I decided to try keeping soil around the Alocacia x Amazonica a little wetter to see if it would send up a shoot, and it took less than two weeks for one to emerge.

My plants are all happy!


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While I have been doing politics, my plants have been taking care of themselves! I have put some photos on Flickr. This Christmas cactus on top of my file cabinet at the office has only one blossom, but a few more buds are coming out.

Still enjoying the peaches!


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My small (semi-dwarf) peach tree produced lots of peaches this summer!

Did I say the dogwood trees are blooming?


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Watching the moon!


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Fortunate breaks in the clouds let us watch most of the action around 9:45 to about 10:15. This photograph was taken at 10:08.