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I take a lot of photographs, and sometimes get a good one.

Watching My Plants Bloom


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I have finally gotten everything back together to get from the camera to the blog! Meanwhile, my Alocacia x Amazonica has blossomed again and unfurled another new leaf.

The seed pod that I was watching did not mature. The stem wilted , and I was not able to gather any seed to see if I could start new plants from seed.

More photos over on Flickr in the set –

I am still enjoying my new Macintosh and trying to figure out what it is doing.

Politics aside for a moment –


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Look! My Alocasia x Amazonica is getting another new leaf! It appears that this one will not be as tall as the last one — maybe an effect of the cooler temperatures, maybe a difference in watering. Click on the photo for more images, some with blossoms!



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New Camera!

Holiday Decorations

More Holiday Decorations

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For the past two weeks we have been saying we’ll decorate the tree tomorrow, but we are beginning to think the ivy looks good with a sprinkling of holiday glitter.

My Christmas Cactus is Blooming!


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Actually, this one always blooms around Thanksgiving. I am not sure that it knows it is supposed to be a Christmas Cactus. Maybe it is more of a Holidays Cactus.

Roadrunner in Oklahoma


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We spent the last week in Norman, Oklahoma. Carl had classes, but I was free to loaf around all day. On Wednesday the sky cleared after three days of rain, and a security officer of the hotel (Thanks, James!) took me up to the roof of the 6-story hotel to make some photographs of the grounds and the surrounding skyline.

The roadrunner photograph in this entry is not one of those shots from the roof, but you can see those and some others we took in Norman by going through the link at

From the roof, James pointed out some interesting buildings in the area, and one of them was the Saxon Publishers building. He said I should go see their lobby, because it was a beautiful interior. Well, we drove over that evening, but the building was deserted and apparently for sale. I stepped out of the van to make a photograph of the gate, which still had the Saxon name, and off to my left in the grass the roadrunner appeared. I had not seen one before, so in the 105 degree heat I followed him and got a few photographs. He finally got tired of me and took off across the road. I got back in the van and we started to drive away, but we saw the roadrunner in the taller grass on the other side of the road. Carl made the last two photos from the van window.

After we left the roadrunner, we went to the Oklahoma University campus to see their natural history museum, and there are a couple of photos from the museum on my Flickr page along with other pictures of the roadrunner.

July Elbertas


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Well, the peaches are getting ripe and summer is coming to a close. We have had enough water and enough heat this summer, as the peach tree proves.

My work is August through May with June and July off. Maybe when I get back in the swing of work, about the first of September, I can figure out something to do with this blog!



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This is the exhibit tipi at the Native American Festival at Sycamore Shoals State Park today. We could get into the entrance far enough to see the interior, but we could not walk in. For this shot I just held my camera at arm’s length and shot toward the top of the tipi.

Memorial Day


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For family – This is Uncle Jay’s grave at Sugar Grove Baptist Church in Benhams, Virginia. Jay was in World War II and in Korea.

Dolphin splash

Dolphin splash

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John took us to see the National Aquarium in Baltimore and the dolphin show. I was good at getting photos of the splash that showed where the dolphins had been, but John was better at actually getting dolphins in his photos.