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I take a lot of photographs, and sometimes get a good one.

Still enjoying the peaches!


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My small (semi-dwarf) peach tree produced lots of peaches this summer!

Did I say the dogwood trees are blooming?


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Watching the moon!


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Fortunate breaks in the clouds let us watch most of the action around 9:45 to about 10:15. This photograph was taken at 10:08.

Watching My Plants Bloom


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I have finally gotten everything back together to get from the camera to the blog! Meanwhile, my Alocacia x Amazonica has blossomed again and unfurled another new leaf.

The seed pod that I was watching did not mature. The stem wilted , and I was not able to gather any seed to see if I could start new plants from seed.

More photos over on Flickr in the set –

I am still enjoying my new Macintosh and trying to figure out what it is doing.

Politics aside for a moment –


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Look! My Alocasia x Amazonica is getting another new leaf! It appears that this one will not be as tall as the last one — maybe an effect of the cooler temperatures, maybe a difference in watering. Click on the photo for more images, some with blossoms!



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New Camera!

Holiday Decorations

More Holiday Decorations

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For the past two weeks we have been saying we’ll decorate the tree tomorrow, but we are beginning to think the ivy looks good with a sprinkling of holiday glitter.