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narcissus paperwhites

100_0729 Originally uploaded by Thirdlayer. This flower blooming now at my house is a Christmas gift from a good friend at work. Unfortunately, my camera captures light but not fragrance, so I can share only the image!

Holidays are stressful times…

100_0644 Originally uploaded by Thirdlayer. For the past few years, our family has gathered at my house for Thanksgiving, and we all have a great time. Everyone brings food, and I prepare the turkey and stuffing. We push back all of the furniture and set up long folding tables and folding chairs, and we all […]

More Spam

Another 120 or so new spam messages in two days! I am finding that a lot of this comes from (or references in the source code) “,” which appears to be something that is “coming soon.” Anyway, with the new messages the count is over two hundred. These include: Wheel of Fortune Spin, 14 dish […]