More Spam

Another 120 or so new spam messages in two days! I am finding that a lot of this comes from (or references in the source code) “,” which appears to be something that is “coming soon.” Anyway, with the new messages the count is over two hundred. These include:

  • Wheel of Fortune Spin, 14
  • dish satelite TV, 3
  •, 3
  • rewards gateway, 3
  • Pepsi vs Coke,Coke vs Pepsi 12
  • Home Depot, 10
  • Ebay Tools,Education,Trainers 14
  • Customer Center Walmart, 13
  • Customer Electronics Circuit City, 13
  • Target, 5
  • JC Penny, 3
  • PrizeDept (Walgreens) 2
  • Stop Smoking/SpecialOfferforSmokers, 6
  • Christians wanting to sell me something, 6
  • dating services (Catholic, black, Asian, Christian, etc.) 21
  • Car financing, 12
  • easy credit or getting out of debt. 25
  • Home Depot, 5
  • body image (breast enlargement, weight loss, grow hair, look younger), 18
    These 200+ unsolicited e-mails have offered me everything from land in Costa Rica to ringtones, and one wanted to give me free Uggs. There were a lot of offers of affordable health insurance, toys, and best prices and dealz. Five just asked me "Deal — or no deal, Sarah?" Three addressed me as "Dude."
    I used to get a little spam e-mail, but a few weeks ago a relative posted photos to a site called Ringo, and I went there and logged in to see the photos. I went through 30 screens clicking "no" to offers, then logged out without accepting anything or seeing the new baby photographs. The next day the spam flood started. I have not been able to stop it since that time, even with blacklists for the account name I used there. So if Ringo didn't do it, it had the bad fortune to look like the trigger.
    Well, enough about spam. I'll empty my deleted items box and go have breakfast.

2 responses to “More Spam

  1. I got 275 spam messages in the last 18 hours or so, and all but about five of them were caught by Google mail; I recommend forwarding your existing account to a Google address and using that.

  2. I was getting tons of spam on all of my accounts. It was to the point that I had to spend nearly an hour filtering through emails and worrying that I might delete something important.
    Then I signed up for about two weeks ago, which is the best $3/month I have ever spent.
    It is really great to click on inbox and only have email there that I want to read.