My note to Dr. Dean

Thank you for waking up the Democratic party and giving people hope. This is the element that has been missing from our political and economic lives — and therefore from our personal lives. We have watched the conservatives advance and the rich get richer, and we have been manipulated by their use of a perverted Christian message that falsely equates support for the Bush agenda (evil as it is) with faith and patriotism. Perhaps we had come to think there was nothing we could do as ordinary citizens to make our voices heard.
The Christian message from its beginning was one of hope for ordinary people, acceptance of people, and love (i.e., granting of human dignity and hope) to people of all races and creeds. Christianity needs to be taken back from the spoilers also, as does Islam. These creeds are both based upon individual human dignity and worth, not the power pyramid we see in them today. Jesus was a Democrat, maybe even a Socialist. Mohammed was a kind and generous person who taught love and acceptance of people. The teachings of both of these great messengers have been subverted to the service of powerful men who use them to enrich themselves and enslave others.
The Constitution of the United States, while it is a civil document and not bound to Christianity any more than to any other religion, has been ignored and misrepresented by the Bush admininistration. Our rights and liberties have been questioned and limited, and Bush has found “loopholes” to get around the provisions of the document he has sworn to uphold.
Thank you again for waking up the Democrats and letting us hope that we can take back our nation. The other candidates who came forward to join the Democratic field of hopefuls came and succeeded because of the energy that you engendered, and now we can really look forward to a new administration.

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