Who’s keeping more of their money?

The median income in the United States is around 40,000.00 to 42,000.00. That is a real family value, one that can be measured. $42,000.00 is what the median American family has to feed, house, educate, entertain, and sustain itself for a year. Car and house payments and clothes for work and play, groceries, medical and dental costs, medications and glasses, haircuts, ballet lessons, soccer uniforms, church and charitable contributions, cable and Internet access, vacations, Christmas, Easter, college tuition, graduations, weddings, and funerals come out of this amount.
Of course, federal and state income taxes, sales taxes, gas taxes, etc. come out of this amount also. Since most families in this income bracket use all of their money, there isn’t much left to shelter in an IRA, a trust fund, or a foundation. Each dollar of the $42,000.00 is reduced by the amount of the cumulative tax burden. John Kerry promises this family a tax cut. Bush says they already have gotten one from him, but take a closer look.
The median tax cut in the median income range is not equal to the median increase in the cost of additional child care a family is paying because this administration has cut after-school programs. And when the median increase in the cost of health care kicks in, this family is paying median health care, child care, and tax dollars to subsidize the federal income tax cut for people who make over a million dollars a year.
Dick Cheney says that more people are keeping more of their money due to the Bush tax cuts, but that is not true. More money is being kept, but fewer people are keeping it.
Based solely on the tax policy, anyone whose family income is less than $150,000.00 for 2004 obviously should vote for John Kerry in November, and people above that income but not quite to the million dollar mark probably would benefit from the Kerry policies. People with over a million dollars in income should vote for John Kerry because Kerry’s tax plan will create a fair and sustainable system with the potential for steady growth. A government can only rob the poor and middle class to give to the rich up to a certain level of discomfort, and the system becomes unstable and the top falls in. ( If you want a link, I think that you can find something at HISTORY.COM)

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