Bringing the Military Home

George Bush has announced that he is bringing the boys home,” thousands of American military people coming home to their families. Many — perhaps most — of the people who will be returning home are accompanied by their families in countries where our allies provide us a base of operations. These American bases in Europe and Asia are the friendly and supportive link between us and our allies.
We already know there are not enough soldiers to send to Iraq. When these military families come home, the military member will get a new assignment to Iraq, unaccompanied of course, since Iraq is a combat zone to which spouses and children cannot travel.
That is, President Bush is bringing our military home from friendly bases that keep the doors open for cooperation between ourselves and other nations, no doubt closing some of those doors as we exit Then he is going to send them back to a combat zone where he has created a war. But first he is going to get the election year political advantage of announcing that they are coming home.

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