Wal-Mart Culture

Reason of the Day to
Vote for John Kerry and John Edwards

I have been reading the 25-or-so page Congressional Report on Wal-Mart’s Labor Record by Rep. George Miller, February 16, 2004:

In January 2004, the New York Times reported on an internal Wal-Mart audit which found “extensive violations of child-labor laws and state regulations requiring time for breaks and meals. One week of time records from 25,000 employees in July 2000 found 1,371 instances of minors working too late, during school hours, or for too many hours in a day. There were 60,767 missed breaks and 15,705 lost meal times.

According to the New York Times report: “Verette Richardson, a former Wal-Mart cashier in Kansas City, Mo., said it was sometimes so hard to get a break that some cashiers urinated on themselves. Bella Blaubergs, a diabetic who worked at a Wal-Mart in Washington State, said she sometimes nearly fainted from low blood sugar because managers often would not give breaks.

A store manager in Kentucky told the New York Times that, after the audit was issued, he received no word from company executives to try harder to cut down on violations: “There was no follow-up to that audit, there was nothing sent out I was aware of saying, ‘We’re bad. We screwed up. This is the remedy we’re going to follow to correct the situation.”

I don’t remember when the fair Labor Standards Act was passed, but I believe it was in 1938.
International observers at our elections, our wage-earners treated like slaves, our children dropping out of high school to go to work, the L-curve — we are becoming a model third-world society. Quick, somebody vote for a Democrat!

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