Social Security Reform

Is it at all possible that President Bush has not noticed that anyone who has enough money can have a private investment retirement account already?
Social Security, on the other hand, is a fail-safe for retirement, a system whereby the nation (that’s us) guarantees that we do not suffer from producing large numbers of impoverished seniors. It is security for our social system. It is not individual. That is the point. Social Security is how our social system saves for seniors. The size of the pool is its security. Think about it as something we all do that benefits all of us. Isn’t that the concept?
Also, perhaps he has forgotten that the stock market is not a guaranteed investment. In fact, investment in the stock market is much more risky for the small investor than for the wealthy investor. If you are a small investor, which most of us would be, you can lose everything.
The proposed social security reform is a white-washed method of taking from the poor and giving to the rich, the latest of many George W. Bush “reverse Robin Hood” economic initiatives. It works with his philosophy that the poor are already poor, so a little more poverty won’t make that much difference.

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