New Report on Intelligence Failures

I am glad we have the new report entitled The Commission on the Intelligence Capabilities of the United States Regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction Report to the President of the United States March 31, 2005, 618 pages in a downloadable .pdf file. We need all of these reports because there is probably a 6-year-old somewhere who still does not know that George W. Bush received (and heard and shared with us) only the intelligence that he ordered to support his plan for war in Iraq. That which did not support the war in Iraq was discouraged and dismissed.
What the Bush Administration is doing with all of these reports is trying to explain why that which worked before for others in the White House — one agency (CIA) focused on International information and one (FBI) on domestic information with all of the information coming together at the President’s desk — did not work for George W. Bush. Oh, wait. This could still have been an intelligence failure. Do we need yet another report?

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