Bush Vision Overload

Alright, now, I work for a living and have a household to manage. In addition, this month we have had medical concerns and I have been called for jury duty. Then there’s Katrina and Rita. And in the background I keep hearing more and more about suicide bombings. Several times a day there is an administration screw-up from the Bush gang that is really outrageous, but before I can comment on it he does something worse.
Do we have a scorekeeper? Did we hand the whole thing over to someone who believes that the vision is the job and reality is a distraction? What percentage of his appointments have had any appropriate background at all? Does Bush believe our government has any function except distributing no-bid contracts and solidifying corporate control to repay campaign debts? Is there a center where people who voted for him can go for counseling when they wake up?
Down here in Tennessee Rita is still keeping Bill Frist off the front page. I hope somebody is monitoring Pat Robertson. He’s probably praying for another hurricane because 1) Sodom wasn’t completely destroyed and 2) the Neo-Cons need natural disasters for cover.
And in the middle of it all, Bush and Frist et al take time to promote something called Intelligent Design. Who are they kidding?

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