State of the Union

I thought that Tim Kaine had a little more substance than Marc Fisher in the Washington Post on January 31 gave him credit for, but hey, you saw the Kaine sign in my yard and me out there handing out literature in October and November. And you heard or later read the Kaine speech for yourself hopefully, so make your own decision. There was plenty of substance if you know the programs and initiatives in Virginia and in other states that Kaine referenced. And a broad plan for getting out of Iraq with our faces still on and other body parts intact surely does not belong or fit into a response to the State of the Union address.
However, speaking of the Democratic victories in Virginia, Fisher summed up:

…there is a majority that either leans Democratic or holds independent views and favors curbs on development and has little patience for kneejerk, hard-right stands on social issues.

I believe we were in the majority all along, in Virginia and elsewhere, and I hope it continues to show in elections.

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